Gyvūno kilimėlis nuo netvarkos Cat Litter Trapping


Kilimėlis skirtas katėms,šunims, šeškams, gyvūnams kurie pridaro netvarkos besinaudodami tuoletu ar ėsdami. Kraikas,maistas subyra pro tam skirtas skylutes ir pasilieka kilimėlio viduje, vėliau visa tai labai paprastai pašalinate. Neleidžia išsilaistyti vandeniui gerian, nes kilimėlio antrasis sluoksnis nepralaidus skysčiams.

  • Neslystantis
  • Tvirtas abiejų sloksnių susegimas
  • Pimasis sluoksnis su skylėmis per kurias telpa katės kraikas
  • Antrasis sluoksnis nepralaidus skysčiams
  • Pagamintas iš draugiško aplinkai plastiko
  • Lengva plauti
  • Dydis 32*47 cm.


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1. Super light, easy to carry, resistant to wear, anti-slip, accessible to clean.
2. The super smooth surface will not disturb the cat’s claws like other cushions.
3. Double deck magic sticks adhesion separation. The first layer: the surface uses the concave and convex surface which is anti-skid and resistant to wear. The second layers: adopting flat TPE rubber foam material, the bottom is anti-skid design;
4. High elastic EVA material pet pad, upper is hole material, cat litter can easily pass through. The lower layer is waterproof material, cat litter, urine and other dirt can be gathered in this layer.
5. With the high-quality material, the litter mat is not easy to damage and has a long service life.

1. Material: made of high and fine quality material-plastic, which is high environmental protection. It has no plastic taste, but high quality, light and durable, economical and practical, and can clean the cat sand.
2. Features: non-toxic for you and your pets, you can feel comfortable to buy and use it. Scientific design, you can use it easily and conveniently. Sifter holes are just the right size to hold solid waste while allowing litter sand and pellet to fall through and back into the litter box.
3. Function: can give a clean and no smell house for you and your cats.
4. Advantage: the product is of fine manufacture, less grinding marks and less injury to hands. It is the best choice when people choose cat litter shovel.
5. More Choices: there are 3 colors options, and you can choose the favorite one.


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